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Welcome to Newoaknl – A publishing channel of informative, entertaining and industry-level video editing, website styling, programming, integrations for the web and wireless …

Newoaknl – promoting my webdesign video and audio editing… (push HD button) from newoaknl on Vimeo.

1 – Maybe you’re into website development?
2 – Programming and designing?
3 – Or you like professional video editing in after effects or sony vegas pro?

This is my very first post here. I am delighted to share some of my projects. Perhaps i’ll be publishing about video editing, camera works, tell you how to do such a project and make it go towards an Industry-level standard. For now… see 3 ‘newoaknl’ channels..:

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Powerful, captivating, lifechanging … You’re invited

newoaknl 'www.newoak.nl - has its 'own story' (by newoaknl) – About captivating powerful Web site / video styling and designs...'

Newoaknl – http://www.newoak.nl – has its ‘own story’

Success – Some “things has to look good”. So, if you are serious in creating success… making a ‘polished image’ of your ‘legitimate talent’ into a captivating Video or Website, sure let me know. I know all about that …

Of course, i want your comments (positive or negative). Hit ‘this link and leave a message’


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by newoaknl on vimeo – click here

by newoaknl on vimeo – click here